Schizophrenia Gaming

Schizophrenia affects many people in the world. There are also many gamers in the world. Some may not be schizophrenia and some have schizophrenia. I think I have schizophrenia that’s what the doctor told me. I was so depressed before and I think it developed into schizophrenia. Since I was little I loved to play computer games and there are many children who play video games nowadays. Now there is tablet and cellphone to play unlike when I was young the only computer game I played is from super nintendo and sega. There are many games made just for the tablet and cellphone. Now game consoles are still popular like playstation 4 and xbox one. I remember before where I rent per hour for a playstation 1 game. It was such a really fun game like tekken from playstation 1. Way back in the early 1990’s family computer was really in and there were cartridges to buy in order for the family computer to run and output the cartridge to the TV. Now there is game console and connect it to TV. Now family computer is obsolete and there are new game consoles out in the market. There are many games created in the world and it would be nice to know on how to make a game. Now there are smartphones and tablet which enable many people to play. Just download applications in the app store and there you can play the downloaded apps. I am a gamer and I had put several hours of playing those online game that were created. I really like online game and there are many players all over the world that plays online game. I wished to own game console and it is great to play it on TV which is really a great gaming experience. There is rental in our city to play game in game consoles and it is really a great business. Schizophrenia gaming is really great as a schizophrenic play with online games.